Raising meat chickens

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36 of the BEST kitchen tips and tricks! (cooking and food hacks)

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Anyone have pictures of their duck shelters?

Does anyone have pictures of their ducks, shelters, pens, or coops (don't know if coop is a term used for chickens and ducks) I have a shed I wanted to use...

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Tips on how to keep your chickens warm this winter

Worried about your chickens this winter? Follow these super simple tips on how to keep chickens warm in the winter without electricity.

Feeding chickens pumpkins: why, how and when.

Pumpkins for chickens: why they're so good, how to prepare them, when to feed - and an easy pumpkin cake recipe your flock will love!

Use this DIY all-purpose cleaner naturally clean out your coop

Use this simple natural and effective cleaner for your chicken coop. Spray on all surfaces to disinfect and deter pests.

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The 9 worst mistakes a chicken keeper can make

Learning to care for chickens can be difficult and we often make mistakes. Unfortunately some of those mistakes can be deadly. Here are the 9 worst mistakes a chicken keeper can make.

Easiest DIY Automatic Chicken Waterer You'll Ever Make | Pampered Chicken Mama: Raising Backyard Chickens

Time to make a DIY automatic chicken waterer and reduce the amount of time you spend on barn chores. Make an automatic chicken waterer in just a few easy steps!

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What Do Chickens Eat? A Chicken Treat Chart

Perplexed as to what treats you can feed your chickens? Here's what you can feed your chickens daily, weekly and what never to feed them!

Ways To Use Herbs In The Chicken Coop

Using herbs in the chicken coop can provide many benefits to your chickens. As a bonus, you can use many of these same herbs in your kitchen!

An Easy and Affordable Poultry Pen

Build this portable poultry pen in an afternoon using only simple hand tools. It’s just the right size for a small yard, but you’ll find lots of uses for it around the homestead, too.

Build a chicken feeder on the cheep cheep cheep - Backwoods Home Magazine

By Linda Slate Issue #119 • September/October, 2009 While searching for a large quantity (five pounds or more) feeder for my backyard flock, I kept running into the same problem—cost. My last trip to the farm store found two choices, neither less than $30. One of the kids remarked the feeder looked like an upside-down […]

Reasons Straw Does Not Belong in Chicken Coops

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The Only Tip You Need ~Keep Your Chicken Water From Freezing

We do anything we can to keep electricity out of our chicken coop so watering in the winter was a challenge! This tip cut our winter chores in half!