Doodle Clipart Products

Doodle Clipart is a collaborative project between myself and @doodleteacher. All products are available on #Lehrermarktplatz.
31 Pins
the back cover of a book with pictures and words on it, including an image of a
Sketchnote Materialpaket
#Freundschaft , #Liebe, #Glück, #Arbeitsblätter, Mal- und Bastelvorlagen, #Fördermaterial/Inklusion, Sonstiges, #Aufgabenkarten
two colored pencils sitting on top of a paper with an intricate design in the background
a tablet and markers are sitting on top of a paper with an image of circles
the front cover of an adult coloring book with images of different designs and colors on it
a girl is standing in front of a coloring book with letters and numbers on it
the different types of arrows are shown in black and white
Doodleteacher | Unterrichtsmaterialien bei
a poster with an image of a man in blue shirt and speech bubbles on it
Doodleteacher | Unterrichtsmaterialien bei
an advertisement for the halloween party
Halloween Clipart
Clipart Sammlung
an open notebook with drawings on it and the words in french are written below them
Neujahrsvorsätze / Sketchnotevorlagen
Neujahrsvorsätze / Sketchnotevorlagen + Spendenaktion