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Fakemon: Shelick (Fighting/Dark) and Maskooky (Fighting/Dark).

Fakemon Originales

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Formas Alternas, Evoluciones, Fusiones...

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Mega Masquerain
Mega Deoxys (Defense form) by 马牛羊の圝

Megaevoluciones, Gigamax...

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an image of a cartoon character in a dress with flowers on it's head
Gigantamax Leavanny by 塩ながす pixiv
the pokemon trading card features an image of a green plant
an image of two cartoon animals with different expressions
Neon Strokes on Twitter
two stickers depicting different types of an anchor, and the words yamask on them
Gooompy Art on Twitter
an image of some cartoon characters in different poses
houndoom-kaboom: Yamask crossbreeds/variations of Pokemon within its egg group.
an image of a cartoon character with beads around his neck and eyes on her face
Pokemon Variations
Yamask Pokemon Variation based on Mardi Gra by Fluffycutecats “When it looks at it’s mask it does not cry, instead, it finds where the party’s at.”
a cartoon character holding a baseball bat and wearing a black suit with red eyes, standing in front of a white background
DevilDman User Profile | DeviantArt
Commission - Yamask by DevilDman on DeviantArt
an image of some cartoon characters with different expressions
an image of some sort of pokemon character with captions in the center and below it
Yamask Contest- Fighting Yamask and Rowdirigus by slickedbackArtisan on DeviantArt
two stickers depicting the same character and their name
Yamask and Featherigus by Gooompy on DeviantArt