♒ Enchanting Embroidery ♒ embroidered birds and berries

strandhuset: “ I was out searching for more striped preloved shirts today in my local op shop (as I do; I came across this beautiful wool embroidery wrapped in plastic and on the floor leaning against a table with some sad looking frames.

Luxury 3D pink lace fabric hand made pearl by ImperialLingerie

Luxury dimensional pink lace fabric - handmade, pearls, by ImperialLingerie

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Haute Couture embroidery school in Rome organizes courses in embroidery and crochet Luneville, moulage, fashion jewelry, silk flowers for fashion, handbags design.

Luxury 3D raspberry red lace fabric hand made by ImperialLingerie

Luxury raspberry red lace fabric, hand made pearl beads flowers, French Lace, gray Embroidered lace

beaded wedding lace fabric with pearls, 3D haute couture wedding gown lace fabric by Retrolace on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/in-en/listing/400757905/beaded-wedding-lace-fabric-with-pearls

1 yard blue pear beads embroidered lace fabric, brown beaded wedding dress fabric, bridal lace fabric with retro floral