OREO "Oreo Daily Twist" - YouTube

Oreo Daily Twist (Draftfcb, New York) / Cannes Lions Grand Prix (Viral Advertising)

Volkswagen: ‘PoloTag’ Social Test Drives | Digital Buzz Blog

There’s a new Polo. Volkswagen needed test drives to get people inside the car. But test drives are boring and inconvenient. They invented a social media game that everyone w

Burberry ‘Kisses’ Campaign Case Study | Digital Buzz Blog

Burberry Kisses is a digital experience that explores the universal theme of love, communicated in the most personal way possible: a kiss. Behind every campa.

Intel and Toshiba's "The Beauty Inside" - Case Study

Intel & Toshiba: The Beauty Inside Case Study Cannes Lions 2013 Agency: Pereira & O 'Dell, San Francisco

The brilliant Jonathan Harris and wefeelfine.org  Thanks to floris for introducing him to me!

"We feel fine" project: We Feel Fine collects around new feelings per day, and has saved over 13 million feelings since forming a constantly evolving portrait of human emotion.

OLD SPICE "Muscle Music" - YouTube

OLD SPICE: "Muscle Music" - a great look at the campaign and how well it did!


incredible fusion of technology with physical to create an entirely new interactivity - LEGO STORYBUILDER on Vimeo

OLD SPICE "Dikembe Mutombo's 4 1/2 Weeks to Save the World" - YouTube

OLD SPICE "Dikembe Mutombo's 4 Weeks to Save the World" - This work was created by Wieden + Kennedy / Portland.

19. UBISOFT - JUST DANCE 3 Autodance

Sync UGC to music via mobile APP. Clio 12 - Gold Interactive / Apps Mobile - Ubisoft Just dance 3 "Autodance"

The Feed 2011 - 2012 | POKE

The Feed 2011 - 2012 | POKE