Relics of a Bygone Era

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an advertisement for frito's corn chips featuring cartoon characters in top hats and tails
two toothbrushes and a glass on a window sill
I loved this as a child and I still want one as an adult
a poster with an image of a man's body and various medical devices on it
City Carrier Assistant (CCA) Mailman Maladies - Charley Horse, Kidney Stones and Inguinal Hernia
an ice cold drink cup sitting on top of a counter
the original donkey kong game is in its box
Tiki Room Skateboard Shop | Canada's Skateboard Shop
an advertisement for mr bubble soap with a smiling child's face on the front
Mr. Bubble Box vintage Bath
I remember Mr. Bubble!!!
a blue and white arcade machine sitting on top of a table
How Do Arcade Games Work?
the cover to samson and goliath coloring book
an old fashioned football game sitting on top of a couch
Mattel - Classic Football
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the electronic baseball game is in its original box and it's still in its packaging
Hand-Held Video Games of the 70's and 80's
an electronic device with buttons and symbols on it
Be prepared to waste a few hours touring this museum of classic handheld arcade games from your youth. Link goes to game submitter wishes he still had
two black and white balls with the number 8 on them are shown in front of a white background
Magic 8 Ball
a red, blue and green blow dryer sitting on top of a white table
Toys of Your Childhood
a colorful board game sitting on top of a brown carpeted floor next to a red and blue plate