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OK, so that's me playing with embroidery hoops for the rest of the weekend then . 🙄 , 📷 @plantcubby . . . . #plants #diy #craft #decor #plantlovers #plantlover #Indoorplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #doityourself #artprocess ( #📷 @plantcubby )
an empty room with shoes and clothing hanging on clothes racks in front of the closet door
best woodworking plans for beginners
Discover the perfect starting point for your woodworking journey with our collection of the best woodworking plans for beginners. Whether you're just getting started or looking to hone your skills, our beginner-friendly plans offer step-by-step instructions and expert guidance to help you create stunning woodcrafts with confidence. Start building your woodworking skills today! #WoodworkingForBeginners #DIYWoodworking #WoodworkingGuides #BeginnerCraftsmen
Rebar Railings DIY
This came out awesome!! That is a creative way to reuse rebar to finish off a beautiful deck
a man sanding wood on top of a counter with a grinder and drill
DIY Reclaimed Wood Countertop
DIY Reclaimed Wood Countertop - gluing and nailing down reclaimed wood boards