outdoor play, early years - lovely way to display learning

outdoor play, early years - lovely way to display learning - currently use this as my open ended play for the garden display board.

Wish I had thought of this... could do this for Art but instead have one student/per grade level write a sentence or phrase about what was learned during that project. Display in hall or on large wall in room

This could help teach timelines. Maybe incorporate number line? Print images of activities children do throughout the year to create a class timeline! T's First Grade Class: First Grade Timeline

1st Day of School- a good way to hear what they did over the summer and to get ideas on what they are looking forward to that school year

Beginning of school activity - Goodbye Summer - Hello School. some of the things they would miss about SUMMER and some of the things they were looking forward to about SCHOOL.

love this! possible exit strategy at the end of the day!

LOVE THIS great exit ticket idea What Stuck With You sign for your classroom. Students use post-it notes to show what they learned and then stick it right on the poster.

Small world

New small world area and the cable reel. I really want some cable reels can we all keep asking at WOW please

Great light box idea by Reverse Garbage

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