Don McCullin - Ghosts of Vietnam

Vietnamese father and daughter wounded when U. Marines dropped hand grenades into their bunker, Têt offensive, Battle of Hué, Vietnam, February 1968

Don McCullin - A Catholic youth and British soldiers in Bogside, Northern Ireland in 1971

Catholic youth taunting British soldiers in the Bogside, Londonderry, Northern Ireland, 1971 - by Don McCullin UK

A Turkish woman mourns her dead husband, a victim of the Greek-Turkish civil war. Don McCullin's World Press Photo winning shot from 1964

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Turkish Cypriot sprinting from a cinema door under fire, Limassol, Cyprus, Don McCullin 1964

Don McCullin Turkish defender leaving the side-entrance of a cinema, Limassol, Cyprus 1964 Gelatin silver print

Starving nine-year-old Ibo albino boy, Biafra 1969

Don McCullin, is one of the world's most gifted war photographer, whose unflinching photographs brought the horror of war into the homes of the UK throughout the and

'Stupendous' ... a shot of a US Marine hurling a grenade in Hue, Vietnam (February 1968). Photograph: Don McCullin

Don McCullin

Don McCullin US marine throwing grenade, Tet Offensive, Hué, South Vietnam February 1968 Gelatin silver print

Don McCullin - Northern Ireland

historicaltimes: “ N. Irish youth shouting at British soldier in Northern Ireland, unknown date lodzdzien: “ Not sure of the date but it was during Operation Banner. “ Operation Banner was the.

Don McCullin -Cambodia

Historical Times Woman with cholera during the 1971 Bangladesh genocide by West Pakistan, West Dinajpur, Bangladesh, 1971 by Don McCullin.