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If design is a behavior and not a department, how could good design behavior affect your life?

Importance of design colors

Log Bowls are gathered, turned and finished by loyal loot collective and local artisans. Log Bowls come in a wide variety of colors and are refined by hand with a water-based, furniture grade finish.


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Pinterest Logo Designer

Pinterest’s Founding Designer Shares His Dead-Simple Design Philosophy

Mobile technology is here to stay. good field for the newbies. #design #students #tech #web

Mobile Revolution Arrives At Atlantic BT - Atlantic BT


In the long run, is it better to write code quick, or design software slow?

colors & shapes #design

Design is all about colors and shapes by Florin Hatmanu Design is fun by jHouse Design Design Web by Tom Stardust


A date is what you stamp upon your design when you aim for ‘cool’.


Graphic Design Illustration, Product Design


Dribbble, Philosophy and the Art vs. Design Debate

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This high-end real estate website design example does a great job in setting the mood.