Dream Topping - ooh I loved this!

When I finally tasted real cream, I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't much like Dream Topping.

Remember Clockhouse?

I remember shopping in C & A with my mum.

Before Play-Doh

A favourite in my childhood memories.

|| Desert Lily Vintage || Ethical shopping. Bold. Empowered. 70s. Vintage 1970s floral fabric - I remember this when they weren't 'vintage'!!

Vintage Orange Flower Fabric by Pommedejour on Etsy

School Dinners Recipes – Pink Custard

Best of school Dinner recipes– Pink Custard but with chocolate sponge

Vintage Retro 1970s Coal Effect Electric Fire in Home, Furniture & DIY, Fireplaces & Accessories, Fireplaces | eBay

Vintage Retro Coal Effect Electric Fire . Dad burned her hat on this and you would only allow Johnny Lunan one bar!

Ker-Knockers, a variation of Klackers, early 70s. These things hurt if you didn't get it right.

Ker-knockers loved playing with these when I was a kid.didn't love when they cracked against your wrist bone, ouch :)

2p for every bottle take to Mr Streets shop

corona lemonade collected the empties from neighbours and those thrown away for the deposit

Cadbury's Fruit & Nut 1970s

Cadbury's Fruit & Nut I never liked it.

Spangles - remember these? I loved them! Nan used to bring me a packet if she picked me up from school

Spangles - remember these? In 1974 they had fizzy flavours like Orangeade and Lemonade. Spangles are a good reminder of a time when, as Roald Dahl once said, "the sweetshop was the very centre of our lives"

Rowntree Easter Eggs from the 1970s, 80s and 90s

Rowntree Easter Eggs from the and - gallery - from York Press

sweets from the 70's uk - Google Search

Cresta Bear - its frothy man.

Just because…. I just spent over an hour of my life finding this picture to remind my boyfriend of the betters times - the 1980's!

Bird's Eye Desserts - they had to defrost before you could eat them, they were a treat. The Chocolate Lovely was the best.

Vintage 1970s red Twiglets biscuit/cracker/cocktail bar snack storage tin Peek…

Vintage red Twiglets by LittleToyLost on Etsy

tiger tots teddy tots candy tots and jelly tots

tiger tots teddy tots candy tots and jelly tots

1970s Ever Ready Bicycle Front Light / Lamp with Handle Bar Mount - Made in England. $45.00, via Etsy.

Ever Ready Bicycle Front Light / Lamp with Handle Bar Mount