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an animal's head hanging from a branch with feathers and other things attached to it
Native American Reproduction Art - Native American Art
Otter Head Talking Stick by Chuck Winterheart Reddick
three different types of feathers on a black cloth covered table with blue and white beads
Compared to their Northern and Eastern neighbors Bushmen were less advanced and their religious practices still followed the same kinds as their ancestors in the form of Shamansim. One of their practices of prayer is using prayer sticks that very in size and material but share the same intentions, carrying prayers to the Gods by means of feathers that are attached to the stick in such a way that they flutter in the breeze.
a feathered fan with feathers on it sitting on top of a wooden table next to a pipe
Blessing Rattle
I love what I do. Making these spiritual tools for healing and journey has become such a large part of my life. Blessings
a native american man holding a large piece of wood in front of a painting on the wall
Краснодарцам показали "Лики шамана"
two antler sticks are tied together on a pillow with other items attached to them
Deer Hooves Rattle
an animal's head with a bandage on it is laying on the ground next to a spoon
Shaman drum "Tree of life" Siberian drum Spirit music
Drum for spiritual and mystical practices. Universal meditation drum for working with the energy of adoption, flexibility. Well conducts female energy. The drum is so wonderful and unique. It has a very very nice sound. You can inaugurate it in a spiritual incense ceremony. It was a very moving moment to let them sound.
Medizin Rassel
schamanische Rassel für Klarheit und Harmonie
three wooden dolls sitting next to each other on top of a stone wall covered in rocks
Choctaw inspired gourd rattles by Choctaw artist Catherine Nyman
five clay vases and two ceramic spoons on a red tablecloth
Gourd Rattle, Connector of Native American Tradition - Borderlore
Gourd Rattle, Connector of Native American Tradition - Borderlore