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The need for bartering and the services and products most needed
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How-to Process Cattail Leaves for Weaving

Bartering as it is now in the world

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Thoughts on bartering in the future

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Healing Wounds on the Farm(without a vet) - Our Simple Farm
Learn to treat and heal the four most common foot injuries in your backyard chicken flock or the chickens on your homestead. Learn how to properly take care of your backyard chickens and have a healthy flock!

Animal first aid - See Farm Animals, Birds....board also

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How to Fix a Short Circuit
After a major disaster, auto shops won't be open. If you need to fix your car after the SHTF, you'll need this auto parts.

Auto and Motorcycle Repair - See also DIY for Necessity

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Ash Splint Baskets | Steve Tomlin Crafts

Basket Weaving and other info

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Want to start beekeeping? What's stopping you? Here's 9 reasons people won't keep bees even when they say they will.  via

Beekeeping - See "Buzz on Bees" board for more info

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4-Step Deer Butchering: The Path to Amazing Venison | Deer Hunting | Realtree Camo


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Making a candle that lasts 100 hours is a lot easier than you think. You just need a regular thin candle, a jar, and some Crisco.
10 Tips to Make Candles Last Longer and Work Better | Family Handyman

Candle Making

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Off-Grid Communication: How To Use Your Mobile Phone Without Service
Read This Before You Buy a Ham Radio


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Cooking in tough times

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Remove Tooth Decay yourself by this awesome method. #how to get rid of tooth decay #how to prevent tooth decay #home remedies for tooth decay #can you reverse tooth decay #how to cure tooth decay
Over-the-counter toothache medicines will help ease the pain from a toothache or broken tooth. Many are available, including those containing eugenol (oil of cloves), such as Red Cross Toothache Medicine, benzocaine, such as Orajel, and those containing both, such as Dent's Toothache Drops.


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Our forefathers and foremothers used plants, common sense, and a little know-how to ease all types of pain and discomfort. #urbansurvivalsite #homeremedies #herbalremedies #naturalremedies #remedies

First Aid

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Food supply info and tips

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Foraging - See boards for Food from Nature and Medicine from Nature

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If you’re planning to be a gunsmith, then this is a must-read for you! #howtobeagunsmith #gunsmithing #guns #firearms #gunassociation
How To Make The Mini Metal Foundry — I have been sharing great DIY articles for years now so I thought I had pretty much seen all there is in regards to DIY projects but boy was I wrong! This DIY mini foundry project is easy and cheap to make and best of all, you can cast your own aluminum from old soda cans.


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Cider and Wine Making Equipment and Supplies - Fermenting for Foodies
50+ Mead Recipes for Homemade Honey Wine

Home Brewing ' See "Moonshine and ...: board for more info

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If you're trying to survive in an urban area after SHTF, there is a lot of edible game in the city you can eat. Here are your best options.
An article describing how to construct simple traps and snares for wilderness survival.
10 Trees That Will Hold Deer on Your Hunting Property | Food Plots and Land Management | Realtree Camo

Hunting Wild Game and other info

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Crown Knot for Making a Cargo Net or Climbing Net In this short video I demonstrate how to use a two strand crown knot or Japanese Crown Knot to make a cargo...
Essential Knots Every Survivalist Needs To Know | Survival Life

Knot Tying

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Making medicine from nature

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Making store items -See also "Homemade Condiments" and "Everyday Items" boards

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I have leather jackets in my closet that I bought a while ago and they've been sitting there, doing nothing. They're too tight to wear comfortably but it's not easy to find someone who can help you stretch them out! Here are 4 ways to do it yourself, even if you don't know how to sew.#leatherwork #leather #hacks #guide #fyi #tips #leathergoods #awesome

Leatherwork - See "Leatherwork and..." board

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