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a shelf filled with christmas decorations on top of a rug
a room filled with lots of white bookshelves next to a desk and chair
an assortment of decorative items are displayed on a table with ribbons and paper fans in the background
a kitchen decorated for christmas with gingerbread houses and greenery on the shelf above the sink
Gingerbread Houses on our Kitchen Shelf - Dear Lillie Studio
christmas decorations on a table in front of a window
Shop small saturday from local makers
Good morning! We cannot believe we’re already to Shop Small Saturday! 🤯 Today is all about celebrating our makers that handcraft incredible items, and we're shining a spotlight on some of them with inspiration from @velveteenandgrace! 🎉✨ Check out our makers corner too to shop from all the makers!
a living room filled with furniture and christmas decorations on top of a wooden table next to a book shelf
two children are standing in front of a christmas tree and toy houses on the floor
some candles are sitting on a mantle in front of a christmas tree
a christmas display with santa clause and other holiday decorations in front of a sign that says home