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two comics with blue birds sitting on telephone wires and one is talking to the other
Birds in 2016
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a man in a suit and tie with the caption that reads, maths be like
Exam questions funny memes in to make laugh.
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Una dosis de sarcasmo y humor con los divertidos cómics de Jim Benton -
an image of the side of a male nose with measurements in blue and white text
Rhinoplasty Tutorial Dallas | Nose Surgery Information Plano
nose Surgery, Facial, Facial Plastic, Nose Shapes, Cosmetic Procedures
Rhinoplasty Tutorial Dallas | Nose Surgery Information Plano
two cartoon comics depicting cell phones in front of a mirror, one saying that the other says
Life Of Ancestral Phones
Now days our society has enjoyed the benefits of having modern technology.We are blessed with modern tools, which could perform to what seemed to be an impossible task in the past like retrieving information in a matter of seconds!
a man sitting at a desk writing on a sign next to a giant gray bear
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a cartoon depicting a woman walking in front of some rocks with speech bubbles above her
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a cartoon depicting a man in a black robe holding a sign that says, here's a certificate you don't have yet
Reality Check by Dave Whamond for August 15, 2011 |
Death certificate
a cartoon depicting a man holding a giant sculler and another person wearing a colorful outfit
Dead Issue
Bizarro is brought to you today by A Comfortable Demise. I'm not afraid of death because, as Mark Twain said in his autobiography, “Annihilation has no terrors for me, because I have already tried it before I was born—a hundred million…
a cartoon with a skeleton holding a sign that says i don't mean to alarm you, but your invisibles are very halloweeny
Best Ever Funny Halloween Collection
Best Ever Funny Halloween Collection