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One of the most requested services at our office is lip enhancement. Over time, youthful lips lose volume and decrease in size.

The brow appears heavy, thickened and deep creases set in between the eyebrows. This “heaviness” of the brow can make you look perpetually tired, stern or even angry.

You can improve your nose with rhinoplasty (nose surgery) in San Diego and La Jolla with the help of Dr.Christopher Kolstad. san diego plastic surgery

There are no lasers, ultrasonic devices or peels that can reverse the effects of time and gravity better than a lower lift. Period. Dr. Kolstad specializes in maximizing your results and making them last.

Your face is your identity, you should feel comfortable with your doctor and confident that they are a person you can trust.

Inviting eyes are essential to a youthful appearance. Their expression and animation communicate emotion, uniqueness and depth. Your eyes are engaging and should sparkle with youth.