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Download an image of a golden infinity symbol and place it in your ‘WEALTH’ area (far back left-hand corner of your living space.) Feng Shui says that this symbol will attract infinite abundance to and for you. If you do this today, ‘Laugh and Grow Rich Day,’ you just might find yourself laughing all the way to the bank. XOXOE #Abundance #GoldenInfinitySymbol #Shuistrology2014


OPEN-SKY-RESTORE- DivineORDER-PURSUE-Piggy Bank PURSUE-COUNT 808-520 Open-sky to reach beyond limitations, to release inhibitions against your good. Restore-divineorder to bring order to your financial life. Pursue Piggy Bank to focus intently on controlling your spending. Pursue-count-808-520 is to focus on "miraculous" accumulation of money.


If money is not coming on your way properly.. REMOVE the money blockage immediately to get the flow


ARISE-ELATE—MlX—WlTH-DlVlNE- TRIUMPH-BRING-Good News-NOW- SOMEHOW-DONE. Bring into existence turning setbacks into uplifts, bond with this, harmonize well with increasing personal ability to be victorious, deliver the goods, shift to an instant happy feeling, positive to the core, bring elation, gratitude and positivity, act on good impulse now, release the details and let it be, keep resolutions.