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Combatting UTIs with precision! Our treatment involves:
Personalised care - Hydration for flushing toxins - Use of Minimal Antibiotics - Proactive prevention strategies to prevent future Episodes Trust us for comprehensive relief! Meet Our Expert- Dr. Sanjay K Binwal, Urologist at Shalby Hospital, Jaipur MCH - Urology and Kidney Transplant MBBS, MS- General Surgery Contact us at - 8820269369
Are you having these Symptoms ?
1. Difficulty urinating 2. Weak or Slow urine flow 3. Pain or burning during urination 4. Frequent urination 5. Feeling of incomplete bladder emptying 6. Urine spraying or dribbling 7. Recurrent urinary tract infections ( UTIs) 8. Blood in Urine Don't ignore these symptoms Consult with us - Dr. Sanjay K Binwal Urologist MBBS, MS-General Surgeon, MCh - Urology, Kidney Transplant. Contact us at - 8820269369