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Anek bhud poroosh hue osho vaani
Osho Rajnish vaani
two children are standing in the dirt and one is holding a yellow bucket with words written on it that read,'virtual is better than weath african prove
Virture and benevolence over wealth.
two children are washing their hands together with the caption, between true friends even water drank together is sweet enough
True friends are like precious jewels, they are hard to find but they are worth the effort to find them. True friends are like mirrors, they reflect to you the truth of who you really are. False friends are like sand, they are found everywhere. False friends are like shadows, always at your bright moments, but nowhere to be found at your darkest hour'. You see, true friends don't just celebrate your big successes with you, they also celebrate your small achievements with you. And they are there
Drum, African Poems, African Proverb, Book Of Proverbs
a dog holding a bone in its mouth
If you think dogs prefer bones to meat, you are wrong. Dogs make do with bones because that is what is available. But dogs are not alone in this habit. Some of us also live on what is . There's a saying that sums this up. It says, "when the desirable is not available, the available becomes desirable". Am I encouraging living a life of mediocrity? No! I am just making a statement of fact. The fact is that single people when they have made several proposal attempts and were rejected, end up settli
a child smiling with the caption'the cheapest way to improve your looks is to wear a smile '