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Supporting Play Ideas Board - car mat

A board for students to access, allowing them to contribute to their current Play Plans.
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Students built a city out of boxes - Toddlertime Nursery School ≈≈could adapt for people who help us topic, town with police, hospital and fire station etc, cars and small world people for play.


Mrs Cooper's Nursery: word car park

A donated steering wheel, which has become a taxi, a car, a train and a bus. The children have been to Harry Potter World to see Voldemort, to Buckingham Paris (!) which is in London, and to the lipstick shop...

Smiles and Trials: We painted our Tuff spot!

Making roads and ramps from wooden planks and tree stumps from

Number formation display I think this is fabulous for engaging the boys. I would probably introduce one number at a time and slowly build it up.