disguses  personality disorder  or fighting with your 'true self'

This picture stands out because of her messy hair and the black makeup that is running down the right side of her face. It makes the viewer feel sympathy for the girl.

Maurizio Anzeri piece

Maurizio Anzeri: MakeUp Art or Embroidered Portraits

'maurizio anzeri: makeup art or embroidered portraits' - evelyne politanoff, 2012 [huffington post article + series of maurizio anzeri images]

Hu Sheguang Haute Couture 2014 - if Lady gaga tires of Versace, she could wear this

MBCFW: General Views of Day 5

A model showcases designs on the runway at Hu Sheguang Haute Couture Collection show during Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 at 751 D-PARK Workshop on October 2013 in Beijing, China.

Wes Naman has taken the sticky office supply to a whole new level with his photography series "Scotch Tape."

Wes Naman is currently based in New Mexico and he has created this hilarious scotch tape series. Naman has stuck layers of tape all around peoples faces giving them rather odd and funny features. Prints are available on his online shop via his website.

Illustrations by Kate Powell

"Like art could save a wretch like me." - Breath taking drawings by Kate Powell


'Haircut By Erin Case Medium: Digital Assemblage / Collage Date: 2012 (with Andrew Tamlyn) This has given my the idea of incporating openings in the landscape as well as experimenting with photoshop


Who Is Your Mask And The Person Behind it?

I thought this was awesome, A photo of a woman in black and white but has color that looks like its being splashed onto her face. Some girls just need some color on their face.

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