The first ever phone box in London in 1924

The phone boxes that still ring a bell

Earliest surviving photo of London, ca. 1839

Cabbie’s Curios: London’s Earliest Photograph

The Debtors' Door, Newgate Prison. It was popular because so many people overextended themselves and landed behind its bars. It was not unheard of to have the members of fashionable society seen there either behind the bars or visiting.

The Debtors' Door, Newgate Prison, London England.

A Cell in Newgate Prison

Victorian prison cell in Newgate, We can see the water tank and basin with bedding in the corner. The shelf includes items such as a Bible, plate and a mug

London Underground in the '30s

Highgate (now Archway) tube station, 1930

WHSmith shop front from 1915

Smith shop front from Willesden Green, London England

Victoria underground station, c 1925

Victoria underground station, c

1895 Prisoners on a treadmill at Pentonville Prison

the original treadmill was a punishment in the victorian-era england. nowadays, still a punishment for those extra calories. keep on running, the results will show.

Victorian London

Victorian London

Newgate Prison: c 1885

Newgate Prison: century by Unknown.