Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas How Does Digital Marketing Work? It shows how the digital martketing works and the SEO, online marketing, PR, etc. are all included to make a successful digital marketing. It is an interesting picture which compares the new and old marketing ways. Nowadays, we have much more choices to do marketing, so as the customers. This picture classifies the area of digital marketing, which includes mobile advertising, SEO and online marketing, etc. The New Mobile Advertising Ecosystem Explained The mobile advertising ecosystem is showed with famous brand included. They are all connected. This picture draws the media and key points included in the digital marketing. It is a clear infographic that shows what the digital marketing medias include. How to create a successful mobile marketing campaign It introduces that to create a mobile website and landing page are the key to create a successful mobile marketing campaign. Quick Stats on the Effectiveness of Mobile Marketing This infographic presents the fact and figure about the effectiveness of mobile marketing. It is a clear graph which shows the 12 processes on building SEO. It is a clear and important information for the new comers of SEO.