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GST & Service Tax Consultancy Services in Delhi at CA Malik Girish Anand! They provide GST & service tax consultancy services in Delhi. For more queries contact at + 91 11 66402009.

CA Malik Girish Anand is one of the best VAT Consultants in Delhi NCR! They provide different types of VAT Consultants services in Delhi NCR, India such as tax registration. Call now 9212243004 for more queries.

Invest in public provident fund , national saving certificates , equity linked savings schemes , life insurance policies , tuition fee paid for children up to 2 years and fixed deposit in banks and post office for 5 years.Get more details click here.

Income Tax Saving Options for Salary Class

For a person who is getting HRA with salary, Income Tax Consultant in Delhi NCR.Then the amount received for the rent can be available as exemption. The actual rent paid for the house on rent minus some part of the basic salary with allowances or 50 % of basic salary for metro and 40 % of basic salary for non metro can be also be used as exemption for income tax.For more information visit here.

Lots of incentives are provided to the salary class people for saving income tax. If a person is not receiving home rent allowance VAT Consultants in Delhi NCR.but is paying the rent then, he or she could claim 2000 rupees per month, or any extra amount that is paid over 10 % of total income.Click here to read more.