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: Order and or Disorder Joiner Photography by David Hockney and others This captures order and disorder. The photo is complete but you can see lines and splits everywhere, and the pieces have no real order, so the are in a disorder

Surrealistic Collages by JOHN STEZAKER

JOHN STEZAKER surrealist collage - Presenting a distorted person split down the middle into two faces. Could be used to represent before and after photoshop.

The stack of coins that represent his spine show how he is lead by power and wants victory. It is what keeps him strong.

Classic Anti-Fascist Photomontages from the 1930s and 40s

The dove represents freedom which has been tragically killed, meaning that Hitler is capturing everyone and not letting anyone free.

John Heartfield Dada Picture c. 1923 Quite reminds me of the art style used by the band Franz Ferdinand in their video "Take Me Out"