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a poem written in white with the words'wedding reading'on it and an image of
MORE unique and beautiful wedding readings for your ceremony — Adelaide Marriage Celebrant Camille Abbott
a black and white photo with the quote you were a risk, a mystery, and the most certain thing i'd ever known
Sarah Boyer (sarahmboyer) - Profile | Pinterest
the words at last we're under the same sky
Always remember this when you are feeling homesick; We’re all under the same sky, no matter where
a black and white photo of a bed in front of a window with city lights
•Pinterest : @vandanabadlani• Elegant romance, cute couple, relationship goals, prom, kiss, love, tumblr, grunge, hipster, aesthetic, boyfriend, girlfriend, teen couple, young love image
an old book with the words i am meant to love you it's as simple as that, i am not capable of unlighting the stars
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"Dan Howell Twitter's Quote (*customizable)" Sticker for Sale by Mutotoru
a quote that reads i think this is the part where i decide that i am worth more than what you're giving me
a quote that reads, most men are not running away from a great woman they are running away from parts of themselves
a woman treats you how she wants to be treated first then she treats you how you treat her