Slimming World Ferrero Roche - My favorite candy minus some of the calories. The original has 3.5 syns each, but this version has 1 syn per candy.

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Slimming world coleslaw - Syn free White cabbage - shredded Onions - thinly sliced Carrots - grated Mixed herbs Salt and pepper Fat free fromage frais Add all ingredients together in a bowl. Mix thoroughly and season to taste. Delicious and Syn free!!!

blow up a balloon...cover the balloon in strings that were dipped in glue and leave drY! WOW..great art idea for kids!

Fake Fudge, SYN FREE! Okay, so this isnt fudge, but it does look like fudge and it was something different for me to snack on. It's frozen toffee Muller light and very roughly mashed banana with some extra sweetener. Once frozen, i took it out of the freezer and left it for 20 mins then sliced it into cubes (ice cube size) and voila! My 4 year old daughter and i enjoyed it very much.

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