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In The Dunes of Kuri, India” by José Luís Fuentetaja Pinned by y Lezama Art

Sonrientes de Bali.

Balinese ladies bringing offerings to the Hindu temple. Driving around Bali on festival days is serious eye candy.

India: familia en la escalera.

INDIA: Elder overlooked by children on stairsteps of blpue wall. A beautiful portrait.

Charles Fréger - Jaipur | India

Festival de los elefantes pintados: India

kkdas: De India con Amor...

I was commissioned by an Italian restaurant to paint something portraying "Classical Indian dance but also showing movement yet there is none." I walked out scratching my head but I eventually got .


Deep in Thoughts , India -"In each of us there is another whom we do not know"-Carl Jung