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Гари Бант | Искусство

Gary Bunt Fresh Cod - The fishermen were heading home Mist rolled in from the sea Heading home to fires bright And fresh cod from the sea


Gary Bunt - (32) Fresh Cod | Portland Gallery

gary bunt(1957- ), a farmer and his geese. oil on canvas, 20 x 24 ins. portland gallery, london, uk


Gary Bunt - A Farmer And His Geese | Portland Gallery

"Daffodils" Gary Bunt Oil on canvas, 56 x 68 ins I wandered slowly with my dog We likes to roam o'er vales and hills When all at once we came across Loads of bloomin daffodils


Gary Bunt - (02) Daffodils | Portland Gallery

'The Harbour Wall' by Gary Bunt - Everyday we comes down ere And he leans upon the wall He forgets I'm only 2 foot 3 I can't see nothing at all


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The Steeplejack was busy Repairing the clock face Way up high Where clouds pass by And leave without a trace, Gary Bunt


Gary Bunt - Seven Minutes Past Eleven | Portland Gallery