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Hi Pia! Over the Easter Holiday, do drawings, make collages, take photographs linked to the artworks below. See suggestions underneath each pin. Remember: "Don't wait around for inspiration. Inspiration is for amateurs; the rest of us just show up and get to work"
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Dad's Legs by Larry Sultan. He takes photographs of his parents in their domesticated home. Sultan manages to simplify some of his shots to show the bare minimum. Notice the lack of clutter and the clean composition.

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Larry Sultan. Notice the mundane setting but the photograph is beautifully lit with strong natural light. Why not take photographs of someone at home in their environment. Ask them to sit / pose but no smiling at the camera.

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Larry Sultan // Vacuuming // 1991// This is more a natural photograph of something happening in the house. Again strong sunlight comes through.

This is an intriguing photograph, what are they talking about. You can see how it fits well into the series of photographs by Sultan of his parents. Take your own series, some natural like this one, some more staged (even ask some people to dress up too)

Cindy Sherman "Untitled Film Stills". Notice the simple composition and the camera angle. Experiment with black and white, and try to age your photographs.

Cindy Sherman "Untitled Film Stills". Sherman transforms herself with wigs, clothes and make up. This series explores the female stereotypes we are fed in films which reinforce are bias of what a woman should be. Create your own characters and pose in a domestic setting like Sherman.