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decollage sheets of paper glued on top of one another; sanded away to reveal bottom layer; bold colour and black; bold solid colour dd

Bring Me The Horizon lyrics

I think the way this was taken was incredibly creative and it creates a sense of nostalgia and time passing.

DIY Crafts & DIY Projects – Free People Blog | Page 14

Effective use of text combined with image. Self Portrait 1

The Saatchi Gallery - Contemporary Art in London

Edweard Muybridge, 'Woman dancing' (1887). Using Photography to show movement of the body and materials.

Royal Academy of Arts

I love the way the creator of this image had fragmented and image of a person into meaningful words and i think this image is very inspirational.

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Third Reich in Color LIFE Image

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Emily Engstrom

Stan Strembicki - Post Katrina: Books and Photographs Found After the Flood | LensCulture

Post Katrina:  Books and Photographs Found After the Flood - Photographs and text by Stan Strembicki | LensCulture


Abdallah [917-79] » Œuvres » Gerhard Richter

Gerhard Richter, Sommertag (Summer Day), 1999, 117 cm x 82 cm, Oil on canvas

Summer Day 859-1 » Gerhard Richter

Teresa Freitas — photography - ShockBlast

Teresa Freitas — photography