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All the images here have either been or are on sale here; http://artistwebsites.com/?affiliateid=A152403 /Highlight this url to register for free; http://artistwebsites.com/?affiliateid=A152403 More about me here; http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/godfrey-mcdonnell.html /I rotate my other artworks here but can always re-set for sale any artwork here you want. Please look me up the minute you get email confirmation of your registration use my profile url to find me it is easy.
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Snooker semis Walden v ? 2012

The movie. Removed from sale on faa 08/07/13. Prints now by request thank you

Scarface. Godfrey's great Mush is my second entry into the 2013 Ruth Borchard self portrait competition. To be held at Kings place gallery London. Entry returned sae 30May 2913

Blast from the past of a school days friend. Removed from sale on faa 09/07/13. A three in one green lion top left, Peter and teddy bear bottom right.

Removed for sale on faa. Prints by request thank you

Logo artwork signature Godfrey

This will be recycled for sale very soon here, http://artistwebsites.com/?affiliateid=A152403

Phil cut from a group portrait

Cut away from a group portrait

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