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Sabre fencing is not my forte. I still have a soft spot for all the weapons in the sport. I am mostly a foilist but I love the Sabre too. It hurts more, or can do, it is the most frantic of the all weapons. Perhaps due to it's descendants from the charging, slashing, cutting armory of the cavalry rider. This picture was drawn and painted from a toy foam saber that my children fight and play with using wax and paint wash. !Copied from Ex-sales FAA!

Steve has many more fantastic images on display in his gallery. Click the image to see more of Steve's work

Steve has a brilliant portfolio of diverse subjects and technique to show off in his gallery. Click on the image to see more of Steve's work.

Attending class in 1994 this is what I produced as an abstract design to show of the color wheel, tones, textures and depth.

Greta's floral and water color work provide insight and inspiration into the world or fine art mastery using water color.