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Features: * A hidden recording. * Recording widget * Free secret recording by changing widget icons. * Custom widget icon * Notification icons at the top * Recording can be done under standby mode. * Recording list is only shown by typing the password * Extra storage &Permanent storage of recording files * SMS to start & stop audio recording. * Send multiple files * Supports SD card storage.

Features: * Drive more than 50 officially licensed cars including from hot hatches to american muscle & 1000HP supercars * Buy your car, install upgrades & show your skills in 1/2 or 1/4 mile races * Get challenges against millions of players online * Well designed Cars * Competitive multiplayer

The developer has offered you a different kind of game, a puzzle, that allows you to explore & build your own surroundings. You’ll uncover many secrets that concern true nature of all things. The game gives players a unique chance to become a real explorer & creator!

Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus is an essential for your PC, as it provides strong, recommended protection & privacy for your digital life. This version safeguards against viruses, phishing & other online threats. It alerts you to dangerous links in email or IMs & spam in your email inbox. It also gives you simple screens & clear, easy-to-understand security update reports. It delivers the fastest protection against new web threats & guards against identity theft.

The days of the ancient Greeks and Romans baths and public baths were gathering places to socialize and spend your free time.

There are in addition to the conventional square or round shower enclosure shower enclosures variant also appealing in fluent half-round design, or pentagonal showers with swing door and safety glass.