Ellie Johnson-Morris

Ellie Johnson-Morris

Just a strange 18 year old figuring out what to do in life. I Love looking at pictures and creating boards. Wants to feel inspired, motivated, and happy.
Ellie Johnson-Morris
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All is right in the world.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe. SO EXCITED!<<<< the next captain America movie is I'd called civil war. The next avengers movie is infinity war and it's a 2 part film. The first part is coming out may 2018 and the second is may 2019

"You put a needle in that boy's arm, it'll go right through him....He's making me cry."

"You put a needle in that boy's arm, it'll go right through him.He's making me cry. One of my favorite parts of the movie!

Due to some comments made by J2 at JIBcon and the resulting negative backlash on tumblr and twitter, a letter of support was drafted to J2 and the SPN writers. It's not a stand against shipping but against fans that demand their ship to be canon and their hate directed at J2 and the crew that we all love so much. Sign your name to let them know the majority of the fandom supports them--the letter and signatures will be presented to them at VanCon this summer. Click through to the petition...

Supernatural: Sam and Dean singing Bon Jovi this scene was so happy and so sad all at the same time!

Batman VS Superman

Batman VS Superman: Batman is the cooler of the two. I can't see any way Batman beats Superman!

Games of Thrones vs Malfoy

Joffrey from Game of Thrones and Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter. This made me laugh harder than it should have.