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Python or Java - Which one is better to starts with? Both Java and Python are great programming language, used widely in industry application, but which one is best to start learning programming? This infographic may help you. Learn Programming, Python Programming, Programming Languages, Computer Programming, Computer Coding, Computer Technology, Computer Science, Data Science, Web Design

Java Vs. Python - Which Programming Language is More Productive? - Infographic

Recently, Python emerged as a more advanced programming language than Java and initiated a debate Java vs. Python among developer communities. Let’s see which choice is better for productivity metrics in this blog.

The Definitive Guide to Django: Web Development Done Right, a book by Adrian Holovaty, Jacob Kaplan-Moss X Files, Building Software, Class Library, Educational Software, Net Framework, Computer Technology, Computer Programming, Web Application, Linux

The Definitive Guide to Django: Web Development Done Right (Expert's Voice in Web Development)

The Definitive Guide to Django: Web Development Done Right (Expert's Voice in Web Development), a book by Holovaty, Adrian

Django in Depth tutorial slides by James Bennett (ubernostrum). This was the tutorial at PyCon 2010 where and met. Python, Atlanta

Django In Depth

A tutorial given at PyCon 2010 in Atlanta

What's the difference between a VM, Docker and Vagrant? Instructional Design, Programming Languages, Teamwork, Web Development, Content, Writing, Education, Python, Conference

Julien Phalip gave a talk at DjangoCon US, the largest annual conference about the Django web framework. In this article, he provides the same overview of the issues and solutions as addressed in the talk, albeit in broader terms that should be compelling to all kinds of web development teams, regardless of their framework or programming language of choice.