Hamid El-barhdadi

Hamid El-barhdadi

Oxford . Uk / Artist
Hamid El-barhdadi
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Venezia ✨Don't let anyone dim your light. Especially when your light is worth shining ✨ The feeling you get while getting lost in the alleys of Venice is like walking through a perfect dream.

Skinflint's 'Skittle' opaline shades illuminate the counter in Le Pain Quotidien in Westfield London

Industrial vintage lighting accessories, cabling and bulbs from Skinflint Design - Original reclaimed and salvaged lighting from the Century

No anonymous plastic bags in here. Instead, rattan baskets show off all the lovingly-baked goods in the most tempting way. The art of baking turns into the art of display. And customers become bread connoisseurs.

i like this design, just adapted for chocolates. (shallow baskets wide and long, all lined with coffee beans and chocolates wrapped up on top of them?

Six boldly different drinks made from the same simple ingredients—espresso and milk. @starbucks Has mastered this art of perfecting the ratio of espresso and milk , no matter your preferences coffee has a taste best suited to your lifestyle .

What's The Difference Between A Starbucks Latte Macchiato And A Flat White? Both Are An Espresso Lover's Dream Come True