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a book cover for peter pan with an image of a clock tower in the background
Classic Books Updated with Striking Modern Cover Art
Classic Books Updated with Striking Modern Cover Art
an orange book cover with black and white illustrations on it's front and back covers
22 Mind-Blowing Book Designs by Iacopo Bruno
a book cover for oranges are not the only fruit by jeanette winterson
Penguin Design Awards 2015 Competition Entry
a book cover for the best foot forward, with an image of trees and houses
Kate Forrester, illustrator | The Artworks Illustration Agency
Album, Vintage Books
Murder on the Orient Express · Jim Tierney
an open door with paper cut outs on the bottom and sides that have wings painted on them
Bungalow Classic
a book cover for catcher in the rye by j d saliner, with an illustration of a man standing on top of a building
Somebody Use These NOW
Levente Szabó
the cover of little women own your story, with hands holding up torches and masks
FAN ART - Little Women
Get inspired with Little Women Talenthouse Fan Art submissions by Zildijian Magante, Roxy, Angelo Perin, Gyvz Bauzon, and Dilyana Takova! See the movie on digital now.
an image of the lord of the flies movie poster with skulls and flags in front of water
MilkyRosa | Design Agency for Businesses Young-At-Heart
the wind in the willows book cover with an image of two people on a beach
Penguin Design Awards 2013
an orange book cover with the title'the outsiders'in black and white
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