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Hans Eijkelboom, People of the Twenty-First Century

Galeria Fotospot lança Photo Notes de Hans Eijkelboom, na SP-Arte/Foto

A galeria Fotospot lança, na SP-Arte/Foto, séries com fotos do projeto Photo Notes, de Hans Eijkelboom, sensação da última Bienal de São Paulo. Saiba mais.

12 Interesting Photos Of Fashion Trends Around The Globe Of Century

Photographer Spends 20 Years Documenting How We All Dress Exactly Alike

For the last 20 years, unassuming Dutch photographer Hans Eijkelboom has traversed the world, picking a spot, be it in Shanghai, New York, or Paris, and meticulously photographed what he saw. “I take between 1 and 80 photographs a day, almost every day, 12 months a year,” he says, referring to his “

20 years of photos show we pretty much all dress the same “ For better or for worse, we all really are alike. That’s what Dutch photographer Hans Eijkelboom found when he hopped around the world.

Covert Street-Style Photos Highlight Fashion Trends Over 20 Years

For over 20 years, Netherlands-based photographer Hans Eijkelboom has photographed the popular fashion choices of unknowing pedestrians in metropolises



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Ten questions for photographer Hans Eijkelboom | Photography | Agenda | Phaidon

Our People of the Twenty-First Century photographer on The Sartorialist, Martin Parr and the consumer society

Dutch photographer Hans Eijkelboom’s recently published book, People of the Twenty-First Century, is an anti-fashion bible for the ages. Anti Fashion, Trendy Fashion, Fashion Trends, Fashion Bags, Women's Fashion, Street Fashion, Fashion Accessories, Bags Online Shopping, Discount Shopping

People Wearing Similar "Normcore" Outfits On The Same Day

Artist Hans Eijkelboom candidly photographs the general public across the globe to identify ordinary trends, then presents them in a grid-like fashion in his new book People of the Twenty-First Century. From all denim getups to rollerblading hunks.

The Built Environment - Andreas Gursky_Si plein et si vide!

Andreas Gursky | Monumentalités et précipices

Andreas Gursky est l’un des plus grands photographes européens contemporains. Né en Allemagne en 1955, d’un père photographe commercial, il effectue tout d’abord des études de photographie à Essen. En 1981, il entre à l’Académie des Beaux-Arts de Düsseldorf, où il suit les cours de Bernd et Hilla Becher qui s’intéressent tout particulièrement à l’architecture […]

Andreas Gursky Photograph of industrious workers weaving cane in a furniture factory in Nha Trang, Vietnam, shot by Andreas Gursky. The photographer’s Rhein II recently sold for it the most expensive photograph ever auctioned



Andreas Gursky is a German visual artist known for his enormous architecture and landscape color photographs, often employing a high point of view. What an amazing photograph. Andreas Gursky, Urban Photography, Fine Art Photography, Street Photography, Landscape Photography, British Journal Of Photography, Window Photography, Building Photography, Pattern Photography

Andreas Gursky -- New York Magazine Art Review - Nymag

The German über-photographer Andreas Gursky was the perfect pre-9/11 artist. He excelled at portraying the border-to-border, edgeless hum and busy obliviousness of modern life, what Francis Fukuyama ridiculously declared “the end of history,” G [...]