Humanity Restored

I never post more than 10 or 20 pins a day . But since i created this board i can not control myself from pinning every story that i see about humanity.
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California Artist Builds Shelters For The Homeless From Upcycled Garbage

Man Builds Small Homes For The Homeless - 15 Pics---- what an amazing idea! This guy is my hero!

I'm not a Catholic, but I think Pope Francis is wonderful! Faith In Humanity Restored – 25 Pics

I am not Catholic, but I absolutely LOVE Pope Francis! He is such an exemplary human being and a wonderful role model to Christians - to ANYONE. Here are some amazing reasons why Pope Francis was named person of the year by TIME magazine.

Faith In Humanity Restored…

Faith In Humanity Restored… Human helps baby deer caught in fence

He Is A True Gentleman, Faith In Humanity Restored | sweetest man ever

He Is A True Gentleman, Faith In Humanity Restored

*sobs quietly alone*

*curls up into a ball and dies while sobbing cuz this is so sad and this reminds me of me mom-mom and dog sasha who died of cancer*

Dump A Day Faith In Humanity Restored - 28 Pics

HERO of the DAY! UPS driver hears a box of puppies left in the grass and pouring rain and he puts them on his truck to save them. The puppies are safe and sound (photo from Villabos Center) ✫☆кυ∂σѕ☆✫