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a woman is holding her hands up in front of her face and the other side of her head
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lets say that to tear a painting is the kill the person trapped inside it. what if they could reach out and tear the painting themselves to be lost forever? follow4follow <3
an illustration of a black bear with red birds around it's neck and claws in the air
It's like I'm sleepwalking
koukouvayia: “Old thing from last year I just never posted on here, the binding of Fenrir ”
green leaves with gold rectangles in the middle and an image of a plant behind it
Download premium psd / image of Green tropical leaves patterned poster by Benjamas about instagram story plain background, minimalist iphone wallpaper, blue leaf background, psd blue frame leafy, and plain wallpaper border 595668
Green tropical leaves patterned poster | premium image by / eyeeyeview
a cat is standing in front of a full moon with its paw up and eyes closed
a s p e n e y e s
a s p e n e y e s
a drawing of a cat with fish and lemons
a tarot card with a skeleton holding a yellow ball in it's hand
The Strength - The Marigold Tarot
a skeleton sitting next to a woman with flowers in her lap and an orange dress
I didn’t fail the test. I just found 100 ways to do it wrong. –Benjamin Franklin #modelcitizenmagazine #modelcitizenapp #modelcitizenmedia #fashionmagazine #magazinecover #fashioneditorial #fashionphotoshoot #fashionprofile #allfashion
a black and white drawing of two skulls on top of a man's head
a black and white drawing of roses in a vase with the words you want to like yourself
Tips On Sending The Perfect Arrangement Of Flowers
Totally reminds me of TØP
sunflowers and other flowers are drawn in black ink on a white paper with a square
four different types of tattoos with mountains and sunbursts in the background, one is
Unique landscape doodles to try for bullet journal spreads
a black and white drawing of a skeleton in a boat with the words never better on it
Never Better
an image of a woman with butterflies on her face and the caption is instagram
Chimerical cynosure
Chimerical cynosure