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IT Band pain is felt on the side of the thigh and may extend from the hip to the knee. Sometimes it feels closer to the knee and at other times closer to the

Arthritis poses not just one but multiple effects on the body. They could be any or all of the following: It damages adjoining tendons, ligaments, and

Pain in this area can be from short tissue or long tissue. It may come from the lower trapezius, from the latissimus dorsi (lats), from some of the spinal

Your search for a answers begins by exploring what arthritis is and how it affects you. By clarifying concepts and myths that can be misleading, you’ll d

Before we jump to a remedy we need to have an understanding of the cause of the problem. It is not possible to eliminate pain over the long term without

Knee pain can come from a variety of sources some of which will require surgery to repair, but a few come from very tight muscles. The knee pain that is felt


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