All About Me Bags: Send a bag home with a note attached explaining that they are to decorate the bag with things that they like. They may put pictures inside if they wish or a favorite something to show and tell about. Do this project the first couple of weeks of school. After all the children have shared their bags... make a bulletin board with them. Put there name on tag board next to their bag and staple any pictures up. Label the board: All About Me!

All about me bag - Each child fills the bag with 4 things about them and brings it into school. They can decorate the bag too.

All time fave. My mom bought this for Marilyn and we have read it time and time again. Uplifting life's lessons book about embracing life and being a good little fish (er, person.) Shhhh.. I've even read it alone for a pick me up from time to time!

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"Look how tall I am": Measure each child (could use themed images instead of yarn)- afterwards put different tape measures in maths area to encourage kids to measure things around classroom.

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