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a man with the caption me watching my phone die before my eyes after i ignored the battery warnings
literally me 5 minutes ago
a shelf filled with lots of pink shoes and other items on top of each other
◦ ︶‌ miᥒᥱ ძ᥆ᥒ’𝗍 rᥱ⍴᥆s𝗍 ! ⠀ׅ ⠀ ⟡ ⌢
𓊆❤︎𓊇 ː wtf is an ipad kid bro amazon fire tablet kids were the best 😻😻﹨ㅤ⏜⃞ ㅤ۫⠀⠀🎀⠀៰ ˚ㅤꔫㅤ 👛 ࿙⃛͜࿚⃛ 🎀 ࿙⃛͜࿚⃛ 🌸 ࿙⃛͜࿚⃛ 🎧 ː #wonyoungism #lifestyle #girlblogg #pink
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a smiley face with the words ya'm an outfit repeat but why are u an outfit remembers?
like bro, are you the fbi or something???
a man sitting in a chair with his mouth open and the caption reads me looking at the price of snih i want
#money #broke #jb #meme #relatable #meme #mood
a girl holding a bottle with the words cooking and cleaning should seem as basic as life skill
mine ㅤㅤ ♡ ㅤㅤ pls dont repost
all functioning beings should tale upon themseleves to learn the basic necessitys to stay alive. not just "women" ‼️ #whisper
the text reads, once i get my dream body it's over for y'all
꣑ㅤ ‎۫ㅤ ‎ִㅤ ‎ ‎🦷ㅤ ‎ ‎𝗆ι𝗇ᧉㅤ ‎꒱ㅤ ‎ׄׄㅤꭷ
꣑ㅤ ‎۫ㅤ ‎ִㅤ ‎ ‎🦷 #whisper #whisperpost #deardiary ‎꒱ㅤ ‎ׄׄㅤꭷ
a girl with her arms crossed and the words that unclean feeling when you're on
42 Y.O. Woman Is Disappointed That Her 22 Y.O. Daughter Doesn’t Want Children So She Gives Birth To 2 Babies To Make Up For It