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Eye drawing Original hand made pencil art by ArtworkbyGabrielle, $50.00

Eye {Sketch}: One--real lookin' "D"ebbie. Eye drawing- Original graphite art on bristol vellum, Etsy Artwork by Gabrielle

...the same lips in different states. Like a portrait of the person. Intervene…

Delineate Your Lips How to draw lips. - How to draw lips correctly? The first thing to keep in mind is the shape of your lips: if they are thin or thick and if you have the M (or heart) pronounced or barely suggested.

deformando realidades by Adara ., via Flickr

Adara Sánchez Anguiano, continuous line drawing. This image is discussed in our eBook 'Drawing skills' exploration' helping you into art college. www.

Saatchi Online Artist: HB Graphik; Ballpoint Pen, Drawing ".colds time."

Saatchi Online Artist: HB graphik Element is line and value Principle is contrast and emphasis On

An example of project planning, process and reflection in the book... PERFECT!!!

a level art sketchbook page, beautiful in its simplicity: devoid of superfluous decoration, a dedicated and committed student learning a technique from an artist and then carefully applying this to original artwork

Lips studies

Lips studies - Alzheimer's and Dementia ridden individuals lack a voice. They have an inner voice which is full and vibrant and ready. Yet the disease silences them into a remorseful image of hurt and anguish.

Eyes by Elena Tomas Bort, completed as part of Unit 3, Edexcel A Level Art at…

How to draw realistic eyes within a high school Art project

by Elena Tomas Bort, completed as part of Unit Edexcel A Level Art at the Laude British School of Vila-real, Spain.

Pages from A2 Fine Art sketchbook on the topic of Baby. Studies in pencil…

Pages from Fine Art sketchbook on the topic of Baby. Studies in pencil, acrylics, red biro and black fineliner.