Snufkin and Moomin, from Tove Jansson's Moomin  series.  I even named my cat Snufkin.

vederlicht: We interrupt your regularly scheduled Moomins for a new picture of the ever-so-lovely Hachi-san. Their Moomin art is some of the best I know

Moomin's Love <3. I loved this as a child. Memory is sweet!

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I have to admit I have never known a lot about moomins but I have always found them irresistibly cute <3

"Moomin Dress Kawaii Sweet Lolita Handmade - All Sizes Available like this but in the tea dress with sleeves and round neck. It has the moomins on it!

Moomin And Friends; Beautiful Moomin Valley Tights Collection | FELISSIMO

Moomin tights - I need to remember these. And the shoes are really nice, too. Is that a Moomin dress I see, too?

Iittala Moomin crockery and Iittala candle holders

Iittala Moomin crockery and Iittala candle holders in Finland

The Moomin Shop

The Hemulens that live in Moominvalley are great believers in order. They like to boss other people about and expect all rules to be obeyed to the letter.

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