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Spring is in the Air

Egg printing with a potato masher - from Rachel (",)


Shampoo and cornflour mixed together with a little water makes lovely stretchy slime! EYFS


Moon sand! EYFS


Dirt dough looks and feels just like dirt, but it is moldable, germ free, and CLEAN! You only need two ingredients to make it, too! {Great for playing with cars and trucks, pretend bug hunts, small world construction sites, dinosaur play,etc}

Sweet Sounds of Kindergarten : Math- Addition Cups!

Bubble dough! Wash up liquid and corn flour. I used apple flavoured washing up liquid and it smelt delicious! EYFS

Letter monster swatter - kids can use this to find letters, words, numbers, shapes, colors, or anything really! (free template here too)

Teaching Rhyming in Pre-K

Pre-K Literacy: Rhyming — PreKinders

Homemade Slime

Slime recipe. A necessary recipe for all moms. Especially moms of boys.

How to make rainbow slime for sensory play - Isn't it gorgeous? We never measure when making slime. Combine equal parts of liquid starch and school glue and mix well to combine. Yep, it's that simple. You can then mix in liquid watercolors or food colouring