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How to Be a More Effective Instructional Coach – The Literacy Effect
Teachers need to get to a point where they feel like they need their grade level content teams in order to plan and implement curriculum, not like going to a team meeting is just one more thing or a waste of time. So how can instructional coaches help to create Collective Teacher Efficacy in teams? I’m glad you asked! Here are SEVEN tangible ways you as an instructional coach or literacy coach can intentionally help to create high-functioning teams that positively impact students’ learning.
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8 Scripts to Help You Speak Confidently in Business
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Instructional Coaching: Finally, an Easy Choice (Opinion)
Instructional Coaching: Finally, an Easy Choice - Peter DeWitt's Finding Common Ground - Education Week
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Interactive Learning Menus (Choice Boards) Using Google Docs
PD Bingo
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The Coaching Cycle: say this, not that: Growing as an Instructional Coach
Listen up, elementary instructional coaches. Communicating with teachers can make or break your relationship with them. Want to learn about how to visit classrooms and give feedback during the coaching cycle? Check out these easy sentence starters to learn what to say (and what not to say) to support teachers with your feedback.
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Coaching Resources
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Ideas for Structuring Your 45 Minute Class Period
five tips for switching up your star meetings info sheet from the parenthood mom's guide
5 MORE Ideas to Switch Up Staff Meetings – 4 O'Clock Faculty
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A brief guide to Rosenshine's 10 Principles of Instruction
A brief guide to Rosenshine's 10 Principles of Instruction
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Key Questions