Its often seen that #Cat tends to #obese easily, as they love lying under sunbeams or on a soft cushion most of the time. Domestic cats aren’t naturally active as they don't have to hunt for their food. Obesity in cats can result in arthritis, diabetes and liver disease. To prevent #obesity :  1) Make your Cat exercise daily. 2) Give your Cat a balanced diet food and also keep a check on its food intake per day. #PetHealth Img Src:

Cymric Cat is a breed of domestic cat. Some cat registries consider the Cymric Cat simply a semi-long-haired variety of the Manx breed, rather than a separate breed.

Vaccinate your pets today. Stay safe from #Rabies . #WorldRabiesDay . 28th September.

Vaccinate your pets today. Stay safe from .

Pet Care during Monsoon:  1) Clean and safe water and food is highly recomended, as food contamination is quite common during monsoon, which can lead to gastric ailment. 2) Keep your pet dry and warm as much as possible. 3) Make your pet wear a raincoat, inacase an outside visit is concerned. 4) Regular visit to a Vet is necessary during monsoon. 5) You can arrange for some indoor games, so that your pet doesn't feel low.  #PetCare #Monsoon Img Src:

rain rain go away come back another! Our dogs just hate the rain

Take care of your Pooch.  #PetCare #PetHealth #FRPet CareTips

Take care of your Pooch.

A pet is the only thing on Earth, that loves you more than it loves Itself.    #PetHealth #Petcare Img Src :

Monroe Family Pet Hospital offers comprehensive veterinary & pet care services to the Monroe OH community & surrounding area.