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BAYANI E. DE LEON – Mastering the digital art medium

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Cool Portraits Made From Floppy Disks

London artist Nick Gentry creates art from "the obsolete technology of society", most notably: his floppy disk paintings.

The single color spot is awesome, as is the sketch itself. It leads me to ask questions, "did she hurt herself? Who's beating her? is she abused? What does she need?" For set design I think it's an interesting use of color that draws focus to the bruise, and an interesting composition with the rest of the sketch.

The Mysterious Ladies of Amy Judd

Amy Judd - artist I like Amy Judd's work because in all of them there's never a face being shown. I like her work because she always covers the faces with something unrelated but it stills works. This relates to disguise because you can't see her face

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Portraits sur cartes routières par Ed Fairburn